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How To Make Money From YouTube in 2021 | AdSense | Channel Monetization ( Ready to earn ) Requirements

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How To Make Money From YouTube | Monetization | AdSense



Channel Monetization ( Ready to earn ) Requirements see below



Ever thought, how so many people are earning money just by uploading videos on YouTube? This article covers the answer to it.

YouTube, owned by Google, is a video-posting platform having over one billion users. That means, one billion hours watched daily with 400 hours of video uploaded every minute! Wonder how huge is the money making potential on such a big platform.

Let’s cover the core aspects on how one can use the YouTube platform to make passive income.



The foremost aspect to YouTube is your video shooting camera and maintain its audio quality. Professional-level equipment is recommended but not necessarily required. Most YouTube videos are only shot with a good mobile camera and it greatly serves the purpose.


Remember, do not post something that collides with YouTube Partner Program policies. Your monetization might get cancelled permanently. Focus on original content and maintaining its quality. Live stream and unlisted videos also count towards the total watch time hours.


Getting Paid Through Ad Revenue

YouTube pays through online ads in two different ways.

CPC, Cost Per Click, means you get paid per click. The ads either appear at the start of the video or pop on videos while they are playing.


CPM, Cost Per Mille, means you get paid a certain amount per thousand views on anad.



Making Money Through Product Placement

Product placement is most effective if you are posting videos in a niche. For example, a hair stylist can recommend related products to the viewers while shooting a video for YouTube. Make a tutorial on how to use a hair band for making different hair styles.

You might have seen different channels recommending products to their viewers from a brand. That’s another way to make money through YouTube.

For that, a brand might approach you or vice versa. Set an agreement and feature the brand products in between your videos to get paid directly from the brand.

Remember to check the paid promotion box in the settings of your video manager dashboard to keep transparency.

Pick a Profitable Niche

Pick a niche according to your interest and explore about its profitability. Most popular niches are unboxing and product reviews, tutorials, vlogs, comedy, fitness and video gaming. As a matter of fact, the potential of video gaming niche is massive as it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Make quality content and engage with your audience in comment section or live streams.

Quality Content

This has become a myth to many. But what is quality content really? It’s rather simple, if it attracts big number of audiences and keeps them engaged for long then be sure that you have achieved the quality. This might sound wrong but this indeed is the harsh truth of YouTube. Besides, there are many YouTubers actually posting real quality content that involves effective knowledge-sharing. Remember, do not use copyright music in your video background. Don’t make videos on defaming someone. Do not promote violence. Blur the faces in violence based videos, if necessary to include. All such things, if done, may result in permanent monetization ban.

Promote Your Channel

The more tricky part is building your audience. Post attractive thumbnails to attract the eye of random visitors at once on your channel. Follow the SEO rules to setup your post. Share it in your circles and ask people to like, subscribe and share the video if they find it useful. This becomes a win-win situation for everybody.


Channel Monetization

In order to get paid, you must get approved of 4 things as follows:

  1. 1000 channel subscribers
  2. 4000 watch time hours over a period of last 12 months
  3. To comprehend and comply all YouTube policies and guidelines
  4. Setup a Google AdSense account



Above all, start making videos now. YouTube videos does not require big budget productions or professional level equipment. Focus more on creating quality content. If you commit to post regularly and genuinely then sky is the limit to your potential in money making from YouTube.






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