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How to Strategy Plan in case of any Pandemic

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Strategy planning is actually an organization process of defining it’s strategy or direction and making decisions on allocating its resources to persue this is also extend to overcome and control mechanism for guiding the importance of strategy.

•It provides sense of direction and outline of measurable goals.
•The PANDEMIC has single handedly changed the way human work, interact and live there lives, the structural implications on business process will be substantial in the coming years.
•2020 has brought rapid change to almost every aspect of our lives,for many organization, navigation the complexity has become a moment to moment process.
• Growing awarness of environmental problems.
•Increase health conciousness .
•Greater work- life flexibility.
•Heavy adoption of technology.
Pandemic are not new nor the social and economic disruption,it may be in the form of heavy floods, earthquake, virus etc.


•Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, battery powered, radio flashlight and extra batteries
•Learn first aid , it’ll help to save your as well as other lives.
•Make a plain,where to meet your family after eathquake.
• prepare what you’ll need to buy food.


•If you receive an alert from the authorities that a flood is incoming, keep all your important documents as well as hazordous or toxic chemicals on elevated surface as high as possible.
• prepare your disaster kit in your first aid kit.

•All doors and windows seal off all lowdown gaps and openings .
•Turn of the gas and electricity.
•Never attempts to cross the flodded area on foot and by cars,and stay away from electric power lines.
•Must learn about precautionary measures.


Strategy in the control of an outbreak are

Screening is done with a device such as thermometer to detect increase body temperature associated with fever.

Contaminant is undertaken in early stage of the outbreak and aims to trace and isolate all infected persons, and other measures to stop the dieases from spreading.

The action of reducing the severity, painfulness and seriousness.
It actually requires more extreme measures so as to reverse the pandemic by reducing the basic reproductive number to less than.


Influenza poses one of the world’s greatest infection disease challenge.The flu has resulted in 9.3 million to 49 million illnesses each year in the united state.


Covid-19 arised form the city of china name wuhan. The original source of viral transmission to human remains unclear yet. 131 million cases of corna virus diagnosed out of which 74.4 million recovered 2.85 million is recorded as deaths all over the world.

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