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Hollywood is always in no.1 in terms of world wide entertainments including music ,movies, series etc.
Joaquin phoenix got the best actor award in 2020 .
Mads Mikkelson is also nominated as oscar award in let’s see he got the award or not , anyhow our best wishes are with him.
Music industry
According to the recent report people love music most in hollywood.93% said they love to listen music average of 25 hours each week doing so.
K-pop was the first entertainment companies to continue to find the new hidden talents, including HYBE, JYP, YG, FNC Entertainment.
BTS is the richest k-pop group.they made ther wat in nominations of grammys Awards & American music Award and winning from 4 consecutive years 2016 to 2017.

Film industry
1.In 2018, the united state was the largest filmed entertainment worth about 32.23 billion U.S dollars.
2.China was second filmed entertainment worth about 15.82 billion and it followed by Japan,the united kingdom and Germany.

Comedy show
•James cordn late night show host by jimmy getting attention of huge audience day by day.. it is one of the largest show of hollywood.
•Ellen show now a days is also on peaks.

Other Side of Hollywood



Indian love to entertain thereself’s by watching movies.
Bollywood is the largest center of film production in the world wide.
Bollywood movies are seen all over the world they are full of entertainment and they make movies for every generation including romantic , comedy , emotional , Moralistic.
•According to survey Akshay kumar was the no.1 hero of bollywood in 2020..
But if we see overall film industry with passed progress,
•Shahrukh khan is the number No.1 actor of bollywood with star power of 17705.
Salman khan is 2nd with star power of 16045 .
Worlds most beautiful lady
• Aishwarya Rai bachan got the award of most beautiful woman in the world in 2009 from india and 2012 from france.

Deepika padukone is the most charge film actress for his films in bollywood movies about 29 crores for each of his film.
Music industry
73.2 % streaming accounted of the 181.4m india record it in 2019 in Indian music market.

Comedy show.
Kapil Sharma Show is one of the best comedy show in the india, and it watch all over the world. This show getting high TRPs day by day.


lollywood is actually famous for its Drama industry.pakistani dramas are seen world wide and popu among people even in india .
They are based on reality of society , spirituality, and attract the attention of huge audience..
Abdullah qadwani and Asad qurashi production house produce super famous projects including. Khuda ar muhabbat,raze ulfat,meri zaat zar be-nishan.
People love to watch fwad khan,hamayou Saeed,fahad mustafa and among girls Mahira khan, mehwish hayat, Maya Ali are most famous. They all are star of pakistan.
Games Show
Pakistan also love to watch game shows they are full of entertainment.
Geeto pakistan is very famous show of pakistan host by fahad mustafa in which audience won allot of gifts.

Film Industry.
Pakistani film industry is not much famous as much as others but it is much better than bygone days and doing progress day by day, it is hoping that it will be establish enough to compete with other movies.

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