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Medical Mafia | Medical Institutions | A need or a business

Mafia’s are playing an important role in ruining the medical education.

With PMC 2021 policy, any institution is allowed to set their own fee structure.

PMC has removed their set standard for universities regarding their fee structures.

Now, all private sector medical universities have increased their tuition fee structures by at least 20 percent. PMC only ask for a report two months prior to their admissions including their fee structures. But there is no limit to the charges set by them.
It has now become a fact that a person coming from a middle class family background could not afford to become a doctor. A medical degree, MBBS, has become too costly. Other than tuition charges, already increased by various private medical institutions, lab fee, health insurance, hostel fee, and mess food charges, transport charges are separately charged. Moreover a student can’t take their degree
without paying degree printing, issuance, collection, and verification charges that too are costly.
Various medical institutions claiming to provide free education are raising huge amount of funds from foreign bodies. These institutions take all the charges from students in cash so that no proof of payment is remained. They do not accept payment via Cheque or other payment

methods to hide their unethical crimes.
All these fee structures still fails to accommodate a medical student with justified facilities. The curriculum is outdated and lab equipment

is not sufficient for each student. The curriculum is not reviewed periodically and ill defined. Students are facing depression issues due to the traditional system of teacher-dominated education. The hired teachers lack aptitude for teaching. They do not have necessarily training in education.

The teachers are not given incentives for their hard work and dedication. They are not evaluated by students committee.
The teaching is mostly geared towards passing exams. It stresses on theoretical knowledge with lesser emphasis on clinical training. Student’s feedback is not given any importance at all. The examination encourages the use of unfair means by students and teachers. It stresses on recall of factual information. It also lacks continuous assessment and is subjective in nature. The inappropriate students patient and student teacher ratio creates too much of a problem in medical education. Political influences in the process of student’s admission as well as in the selection of faculty leads to deterioration of standard medical education. The lack of facilities for learning or teaching makes it even worse.
In hospitals, a normal baby delivery is easily converted a C-Section delivery.

It has become a viable business for the medical experts. It is obvious that a C-Section delivery is more costly as compared to a normal delivery. The private hospitals are even more costly than public hospitals. This puts a severe financial burden and horrible mental pressure on an average person.
The chemicals bought for experiments

are also dipped in corruption. The same chemical bought from a dealer in expensive rates is easily available in the global market at comparatively cheap rates.

The laboratories are charging

very expensive rates for even basic-level experiments. Students face a lot of issues even if they can afford the charges. The teacher-dominant culture destroys the future of a potential research associate horribly. Even after spending millions of rupees, a student is not able to comply with

the project supervisor. The egoistic nature of such supervisors are destroying the potential of brilliant talent in Pakistan.

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