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How to become the Fashion Icon | Fashion Designer | Fashion Model

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To become a Fashion icon you would need a college degree. No!

First Impression is the last impression. You must have heard this a lot of times. It is a universal truth and validates itself again when it comes to fashion sense. Fashion is an aesthetic sense of mind that depicts your body language and personality. We are going to cover the important qualities and requirements to become the fashion icon and a fashion designer.

You can be both and chose to design your own attire. The question of confusion is if it doesn’t need a degree then why colleges are offering such courses. The answer is rather simple, the first thing is to have an artistic and creative ability in yourself. Plus, you need to be a good communicator to collaborate with others.

However, A degree would help you in many other ways, to improve technical skills, building a portfolio from the scratch, critical thinking, developing business ethics, access to the industry professionals, attending workshops with them, chances to participate in fashion shows or competitions, more opportunities for internships. Hence, a degree empowers your aesthetics and improves your skills in a lot of ways.

Let’s talk about the process to become the Fashion Icon and a successful Fashion Designer.

Be Creative

Let the aesthetic senses empower your thought process. An outfit depicts your way of thinking and embarks your journey towards more opportunities. Think of yourself as an icon so that you can self-criticize your fashion choices.

Pick Wisely

What is the event like? Choose whatever fits to the requirement. You wouldn’t surely pick a cool denim jacket for a corporate business meeting.

Be Yourself

An opinion or two are good on what suits you but do not ever make a mistake of selecting something out of your comfort zone. Believe you me, fashion icons have the personality of a fearless! Try variety of outfits before it actually fits.

Have Fun

All this might sound exhausting to you. So always remember to have fun while shopping or creating a master design piece yourself.  Don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy the moment.

Next, let’s cover some aspects on how to become a successful fashion designer.

Get a Degree

After everything we’ve said, it is obvious that you should get a degree. Though it is not a necessity but it will help in many ways to become a successful fashion designer. Categorically, either choose to become a garments designer, leather designer or jewelry and accessories designer. Institutes often offers Textile Designing or Fine Arts degree for any of three categories.

Complete a Course

There are number of courses offered by different fashion designing institutes like draping, bridal, apparel design,
sewing design, fashion history, licensing, children wear, intimate apparel, fitting design, haute couture, flat pattern making, knitwear design
and many others. Remember, these courses are not a replacement for the degree whatsoever.
But, they can prove to be a good course for becoming a successful fashion designer.

Fashion Designing Jobs

After equipping the required qualification, it is vital to explore different field of jobs in the industry. Be specifically a fashion designer or chose to become a consultant, stylist, costume designer, illustrator, visual merchandiser, costume stylist, personal stylist, fashion blogger, retail buyer, personal shopper, fashion publicist, fashion curator or simply product promoter.

Lastly, don’t put your ears to people’s opinion about its unpromising scope. Remember, if you have the ability to create something new and innovate the process then fashion designing would prove to be a very promising career choice.

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